Thursday, October 20, 2011

I do still exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there,
I know it has been such an age since I have been on this blog, March in fact!!!! so have been very very slack, but this year has certainly had its ups and downs and the time has flown.  Not sure where to start even, so will try, but the order may be funny..
Firstly our dog Skipper is progressing... it is rather slow and she is still limping, but the rods and screws have been removed surgically and she is getting around with no plasters any more and putting her leg down most of the time.  She is such a bright dog and loves to run everywhere and it is hard to keep her on the lead when we go for a walk, she just wants to bound on ahead, so when we do walk, am not sure who is taking who for a stroll.
We had the most fantastic holiday down South all thru March and halfway into April.  The weather was so good to us and warm except at Lake Tekapo and Queenstown, the merinos had to be out and worn.  We had so much fun and loved everywhere we went and camped.  We had rain in Dunedin, so that was disappointing, so did not get to see much of that.  We had such a marvellous time tho, we have decided to go back again in February 2012 for a whole month, camping again with our camper.
Can't wait...... it was down South again, or North, but we have done a lot of the North Island and just love the South and still have more new places to see such as Oamaru, Haast, and Dunedin in the sunshine, and want to go back to Queenstown and do a few touristy things.  We did not spend any money really on that sort of thing, but would like to do a ride on the Jet boat up the Skippers cannyon, which we drove up in our Jeep, so will be neat to see it in a different aspect.
We are just the two of us now, both boys have left home and living with their girlfriends, and we are really enjoying just being 'us', but see the boy's every week for a meal or coffee so that's cool.
Poor Logan has a year of ups and downs and unfortunately lost his job at Methanex and was working for a friend of ours but the man is very unstable and one day is fine, the next he is yelling and screaming at Logan for nothing, so it all got too much yesterday, and he chucked his job in.  He certainly does not need to be spoken to like that or treated so awfully, but now he has no money coming in and of course has bills to pay, such as rent etc., etc., so messy days and hope something will change soon.  Brad is living with Kylie, who is just the loveliest young girl and they are both well. 

Grant is very busy at work, still involved with Maximo, a maintenance computer programme, and still doing tug engineer shifts and also heaps of marine maintenance paperwork, so is a busy man, but very happy at work.
I have been doing lots of cards and heaps of scrapbooking attending a class every Thursday out at Jackies for Scrapbooking in Inglewood and loving it.  I will download some photos very soon and show you what I have been up to.
Also still loving choir.
Bye for now and will be back with photos soon.

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