Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skipper and her progress

Hi, just an update on Skipper's progress so far.  We took her down to Palmerston North for the surgery just on a week ago, and all went extremely well.  They were able to pin it together, which was the first option they wished to do, this is the strongest way for it to heal, the other was just suturing the bones broken and ligaments, but as I say they were able to pin it, and this has a much better recovery and healing for her.  She is now on strict bedrest and only allowed to be up to the toilet on a lead three times a day.  She is in a cast right up to her hip and coping so so well with it.  It is so amazing that in a week she has made such great progress. At first she was very very sore and would not let anyone near and would growl if anyone strange came by, but was fine with Logan and myself, but as the week has gone by, she has improved immensely.  Each week Skipper has to have her cast checked by the vet here in New Plymouth, and again she coped very well and did not growl or get cross with the vet as he pulled everything apart to check the wound and redo her bandages.

Tonite Logan and I took her to the Uriti kennels, called Valhalla, a luxury dog and cat place, where she is going to be looked after while we are away and Brad is away in Singapore.  When he returns about March 20th she will come home and the boys will look after her.

So there you have the latest, and also to say we are going on our camping holiday on Tuesday 15th March, so will probably not be blogging for quite a while, but will have fabulous photos to download and stories to share when we get back.
Take care and look after those you love.  All the best, and thanks for stopping by to read this.
Love Rel xx

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