Friday, January 14, 2011

Ernie our prized Jeep with its new canopy....

We are so excited to have Ernie back after John Reumers has done an awesome job of making and fitting our new canopy for our Jeep.  It looks so smart now and only has to have the finishing touches of some art work and a new winch on the front by the number plate.  Also Grant is just right now making a tow bar for towing our new Oz trail camper which we are hoping to pick up tomorrow, so will add another photo to show you our wonderful camping arrangement.....  It is a trailer with a tent all attached which very quickly and easily folds out.... it will make camping so much for enjoyable in so many ways.
Can't believe how good the jeep looks after how bad she was when we took her apart and all the rust and corrosion that we found.  But now, is as good as new... What do you think???

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Jacqui J Creative Today said...

what a great project this has been for you, the end result is super, it looks great in real life too but the photo shows it well in all it's glory! You and your hubby are so dedicated and hard working - it has surely paid off with this beaut! It's the collest jeepI have seen. That canopy looks very stylie too!