Friday, October 1, 2010

Where has the time gone?????!!!!!!!

Can't believe again LOL it is so long since I have posted anything on this blog. Have been busy though and we are still trying to work on our jeep whenever time permits and also Grant has been away and I have been doing up our guest room. Have taken some photos, but have lost my USB cable, so can't download them just yet, but wait till you see, it is gorgeous and am really pleased with how it has all turned out.
Also made a card yesterday for my son's girlfriend Kelsey, she turned the 20yrs and so I made a purse card in pretty DSP from fifth avenue, so again when I find the cable, will download them for you to see.
Grant has been rescuing a ship that broke its rudder up of the Auckland coast, and had to tow it all the way down to the South Island to a place called Lyttleton, where they will dock it and fix it up. They got caught up in the terrible weather storm we had and several of the containers were damaged and one opened up just like a sardine can and had a brand new car in it which was getting washed over with sea water....... imagine awaiting that... and getting the bad news. Thank goodness for insurance, which would just replace it. It has been a really slow trip as the sea has still been very rough and the tug Rupe which was towing the big ship was only able to go about 1 - 5 knots, so slow.......but they arrived on Thursday morning after leaving here Sunday, and he is on his way back from Lyttleton leaving tonight, so should arrive in New Plymouth sometime in the middle of Saturday nite, or early hours of Sunday morning.

We are looking forward to a visit from Grant's brother and his wife this weekend, they have been down south visiting their daughter and son-in-law and two children, and then picked up a campervan and are heading up north back to Ahipara where they live, but stopping on the way catching up with friends. So they are parking their van in our driveway and we will have their company for the weekend.

Well have rambled on with our news. Hope this finds you all well and looking forward to Spring coming as we are. Love the fact that daylight saving started last weekend and so enjoy the late light evenings.

Bye for now, lots of love
Rel xxx

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