Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Baby card for friend from choir and wee hat too.

Hello friends, have been busy with the knitting needles out again as we put a basket together of goodies for Mum and Babe for a girl in our choir who is due in six weeks, but as anyone knows, with your first, it can happen anytime, so we all put a whole basket of lovely things for them both. I made a wee baby hat and gave Mum some nice smellies for pampering herself when she gets a moment. Here is a picture of the card. It is a big one, so all of us could sign and leave a message. There is about 18-20 in our all girl choir ranging in ages from early twenties to early seventies. We are a great group and sing modern - easy listening songs and have so much fun.
The other photo at the top is a card I sent to my friend in Oz who has just had her baby and the hats are the same as I have done for the girl in the choir.


Jacqui J Creative Today said...

LOVE IT! Really nice card, the big bow is great and the photo corners look good with the pearl on too... nice idea! Very smart looking...

Jessica T said...

Lovely cards Rel :) and I very much like the look of those beanies you made, very clever of you!

Ella has just gone to bed so I'm making time for a little blog hopping and I was going to squeeze a card in too but I'm starting to yawn lol so I will probably go to bed instead. hope you're well xx