Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank you card from Jacqui

I received this equisite card today in the post from my close friend Jacqui here in New Plymouth. I had made her a Congratulations card as she has finished all her studying this year and got top marks for her assignments attaining A+s, so was so proud of her, and now she has kindly sent me a thank you card back.

I absolutely love it, butterflies are my favourite and the book spellbinder is incredible, and my dear hubby said, that is something you should get, it's wonderful.

Thank you so much Jacqui, it is one of your most beautiful cards and I love EVERYTHING about it.

Here is a photo of it for you to share.

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Jessica T said...

This is beautiful!
I know i just emailed you to say i had nothing for the mojo monday sketch but i got it done anyway. now on with the housework lol
take care and I can't wait to see what you did with the sketch! xx