Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another attempt at my MOJO

Hi there, I wasn't too happy on having a second look at my MOJO and noticed quite a few mistakes (even tho I received some very positive and encouraging feedback - thanks to you who have), but it needed redoing,the ribbon was cut off instead of folding around the card and I had chopped of the righthand side and left no border which looked ugly.... also the pretty flower brads were not positioned right, so with all that wrong, I have redone it and here is a picture of the new card. I hope you like it better, there are subtle differences, but I think they make for a much better card all around. I love the shopping girl stamp and don't know of one of us who doesn't like a really good SHOP....... would love to find a stamp now with a girl having a coffee with a friend and that would really top it off.
Hope this finds you all well and thanks so much for taking the time to browse my blog, love all your comments and it is truly appreciated.

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