Sunday, April 11, 2010

An afternoon at Mokau Beach

Skipper in the Jeep and ready to go!
Jeep on the beach at Mokau

Grant, driving on the beach

Cup o' tea time... and a late lunch.
We had a neat afternoon enjoying the last of the summer sun. We took off in the jeep about mid day and headed an hour up the coats up to Mokau beach. Stopped at Tongaporutu for lunch and to give Skipper a run. Then onto the beach at Mokau for a leaisurly drive on the sand and a paddle in the sea. Such a nice day with no wind and so warm, even with no doors on the Jeep.
Skipper loved running in the surf and chasing a ball ..then collapsed in the Jeep and was quiet all the way home..

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Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Great to see you having such a lovely time out and about enjoying the rest of the summer sun. We are spoilt for beautiful places in Taranaki! Great photos too.