Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi folks,
I know it has been ages since I have blogged, but have been feeling really sore with the chronic pain condition I have and just haven't felt able to sit and do cards. Have really missed it tho and am feeling quite a bit better so hopefully next week will catch up again.
I was so touched when yesterday's mail arrived and gave me an awesome surprise from Jessica in Australia, a friend I have met through Mojo Monday and now we have fun looking at eachothers blogg.(Please check my bloglist, her's is called 'Bits and Pieces - it is so lovely) She kindly rescued me when I grumbled about how I was struggling doing the Mojo challenges if they required circles or ovals and she so very kindly has cut me some using her new spellbinder and sent me heaps and heaps of various shapes and scallop ones and cute butterflies in really pretty colors of mauve, purple and coral/red and cream colors. I am so excited and so touched that she spent all the time doing it and sending it from OZ to NZ and she must be so busy as she gets married in the next couple of days. So am sure blessed. Thanks again Jessica and can't wait to use them and show you all when I make a card.

All the family are well. Brad is working in Stratford and has been away for a couple of weeks now. First week was in Hawera working 12 hr nites starting at 7pm and finising 7am seven days a week, now the same hours in Stratford.They put them up in nice new Motels, so he does't have to travel back to NP after work, so that sure helps. Poor thing tho we have had a freezing cold snap and the mountain has been covered with snow and even the ranges have been all covered and so he would really have felt it,where he works....

Am excited as on Saturday my sister-in-law Sheryl is getting married again. My brother died 5 years ago and she has been living with a friend both she and my brother were friends with, so he knows the grown up family well and Sheryl well, so she is having a quiet very close family wedding in their home and lunch after, so was touched to be asked to accompany Mum.
Of course that meant new shoes, so had fun shopping this week for them and off to look at a wee jacket to go with my outfit as the weather still very cold. It is from Annah S, never bought anything from their before, but got very tempted while browsing and can't get a particular soft blue one out of my mind.... don't ya hate that.... the trouble is, it is Annah S prices!!!!!!!!! so we will see. I could probably buy five outfits for just it!!

Will take some photos and you will see if I do get it.... It is a classic so would never date, so that is one thing really going for it.
Well better try and see if I can sleep now,
Hope all is well for everyone and thanks for looking at my blog.


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