Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Boy Card

Hi, thought I would do this card for
a lady who just had a wee boy called Jordan. She works so hard at the Blagdon Bakery and when we used to go there to get the most delicious bacon and egg pies in town, I would see her slowly growing her precious bundle each day. We try not to have this food much anymore as we are trying to cut out all carbs and eat really healthy, but popped in the other day to grab a drink, I love iced coffees, and saw she was not there and her friend said she had had her baby. So will pop this in to the bakery and they said theywill pass it on to her.


Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Very nice card - good colour combination... Just love the little duckie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loz said...

Beautiful card Rel. Loz

Jessica said...

Thats so sweet! and how kind of you :) love the beautiful colors you have used xx