Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Makeover in our BBQ area of the garden

A few weekends ago, I was fed up with the garden looking overgrown and a huge mess, so stripped these two raised gardens and completely replanted them.  Am so thrilled with the result.  They contained about 25 clivia plants which are beautiful but multiple and have a very large root system and it took me ages and a lot of strength to pull them out, but got there eventually.  I started on the Saturday afternoon and was still going at 9p.m. at night.  Thank goodness for daylight saving.  The next day I planted these wee annuals around, impatients and lobelia and have been regularly watering them since.  My friend Susie from choir was really thrilled with the clivia which I passed on, as they are $30 a plant and I think I gave her at least 50 or more..... but so pleased to share what will enhance her garden too.  We have heaps more of the clivia around our driveway at the front of the house and further around the BBQ area.
The lifebuoy ring is a throw away from the Tug Kupe that Grant is away on at the moment in Lyttelton, Christchurch.  Unfortunately he is mixed up in this horrendous earthquake, but is okay and that is the main thing, but work on the tug has slowed down heaps as the port was badly affected and the workers helping do the dry dock are busy with their families and trying to cope with the whole awful mess.  Our hearts go out to them all, and hope that the aftershocks will eventually stop, they are having so many in a day it is freaky says Grant. 
Take care everyone and thanks for browsing my blog, any comments are so appreciated.
Bye for now
Love Rel xxxxxx

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