Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More photos of the camper (inside view)

These two pictures give a little idea of what the camper is like inside.  The one showing Logan and I at the table sitting reading the paper - as you go into the camper the bed is on your right - up over the trailer, then on your left is where you put your bags on the floor and anything that you need to put.  We will still put the cooker on the back flap that folds down of the jeep.  Hope this gives you an idea, but will take some more specific photos another time soon. Eventually Grant would like to build a kitchen that slides out from the trailer, so he is designing every nite at the moment, but think it will be a project for the winter this year.


Steph said...

Thats so neat, i've never seen a camper like that. It make me wish it was summer time. It's very cold here in the 30's with winds gusting to around 40mph brrrrr. Love all the scrapbook pages you have been making lately and I really like that card with the tea cups. Have a great week:)

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Great pics , I can just make out the trailer/bed part, very cool!