Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas cards 2010

I have finally made some christmas cards to send this year and it was a nice change to do cards as have been doing lots of scrapbooking and just loving it.  But did enjoy doing the cards.  I love the wee hedgehog ones and have another 10 or so to make.
Had our second to last scrapbooking class today and I managed to do two layouts which I will put on the blog as soon as I have journalled it, but today we learnt about 'bling' and the two pages are really super.
I have so enjoyed it I have booked again for next year, so we have our last Thursday next week, then start again on February 3rd 2011.  I am going to be away from March 9th, so will only get in half the term, but will still be fun to learn more new techniques.

I had my friend Jacqui around in the weekend and among other things showed her the cricut and how versitile it can be, and she was very taken with it, and was off home to sort out her things and see if she could afford to get one.  She rang me two days later and said that she had one which arrived in the post!!!! and was so excited and looking forward to using it to its capacity. (But poor love had an awful sore throat and cold and couldn't use it just yet).  It will be something she will use all the time, and a great investment.  We had a lovely afternoon and exchanged christmas presents and I was totally spoilt.  As we go camping she had been to Kathmandu and explained to the people there "what do you get folk who go camping but probably have everything they need", well I now own a pair of camping slippers for in the tent.... they are so cozy and have a special sole on them and will be something I will certainly get heaps of wear out of.  I love slippers and wear them all year round, it is just something I love.... and she also bought me a clock for my craft room, and especially with an alarm, so on Monday at 4.20p.m. it will go off and remind me, that is our special time for a chat.... also a couple of flower clips that you can put photos or notes on.  Everything was so thoughtfully bought, and I felt very touched by all the trouble she went to.

Well had better go and get ready, tonite the choir I am in, "Living Harmony" are singing for a rest home, so better get gladrags on and be ready when my ride comes in half an hour.

Hope this finds you all well and not too busy with the mad rush of Christmas.  Keep smiling.
Lots of love

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Jacqui J Creative Today said...

LOL nice blogging! I love the christmas cards, they are really cute, esp the hedgies!
Love the story about our catch up and the cricut, so truly the picture of my excitment. And I LOVE the cricut! It's super impressive. I have sold half the cost on trade me, so don't feel so bad about spending so much! Glad you liked the gifts, I too was very spolit by you! Was neat to finally catch up face-to-face. My cold is not getting much better and after a day at work it's almost worse! Look forward to seeing your latest scraps!