Friday, October 22, 2010

Spoilt by my Dear Grant - I have a Cricut!

Tears of joy in our home as I now have a Cricut Expression. I started scrapbooking classes a couple of weeks ago and when Grant picked me up yesterday he saw how wonderful the Cricut machine was that we were using. Today he bought one for me, and tonight we have been embellishing the two page spread I worked on at class yesterday. It is going to open up a whole new world for scrapbooking and card making too!

We have also added some new shelves and racks for my punches and what a difference it has made, I now have so much more space on my bench again.

Grant thinks it will help him loose weight as I won't be spending so much time in the kitchen cooking delights for him... here are the pages I've done over the last week. The photos are from our camping trip earlier this our Jeep which we are still finishing ready for the summer holiday in the south island next March. How I am going to fit in working on the Jeep now that I have a Cricut is something he didn't think of..!!


Sara said...

Lucky you Rel and what a thoughtful hubby. I love the double page spread you've made. Those sunsets are beautiful, a great base for scrapping.

BTW thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, I'm based in the UK. Shame that we're not a little closer but then crafting brings us all closer together I think, at least in spirit if not geographically, lol.

Sara xx

Jessica T said...

Oh Rel you are so lucky, look how happy you are! Fabulous photos! Did grant take them? Love the Lo with the photo of you and grant in the sunset? and the photo of your scrap space... so organised!!
Sorry I haven't been around much, so much going on here and when i do get a minute to myself i'm all over the place lol
take care and fun with your cricut!

caroline hancock said...

Wow, loving your space, i really love the wee shelves for your punches, i was going to do this but all the ones i have been buying recently have been the new EK sucess flat pack ones or the Martha flat onessotherehasnt been a point. you will love your cricut, i love mine and have done zillions with it so far, i also have a gypsy and around 20 carts, not all in pic as my friend norma has about 5//6of them im sure. loving your layouts and i do recognise one of them, you know the love one, imsure thats a jackie layout and my first ever scrapbooking layout i lifted of hers. keep up the great work :)