Thursday, June 3, 2010

Re-stocking up card box

Hi, haven't been blogging for ages, but that is not to say I have not been making cards, after sending off several boxed lots of cards to friends and relatives for birthdays etc., my card box was rather depleated, so decided I needed to fill it up again with some of my favourites I have made before and some I have cased from classes I have attended and others my own creations. Here's photos of them all, I know the photography is not too great, so please excuse this, but wanted to get as many as I could together so it wasn't too long a list.(but it still is!!!) Really enjoyed making them and now must get onto doing my Mojo Mondays and color challenges. Haven't done any for ages......

If you would like to see a lovely blog, a friend of mine in Australia (Jessica) has a beautiful blog and her cards are just gorgeous, on the right side of my blog list, hers is the" Bits and Pieces" one, and you will just love it. Please leave her a comment she loves to hear from you.

Also another blog well worth a look is my friend Jacqui here in New Plymouth, she does amazing work and is so so talented...... hers is " Jacqui J creative today." I am so lucky to know these two ladies thru carding and they are such an inspiration to me and leave me lovely comments, so thank you so much and to others who do too, I love to hear from you, it makes my day.

Take care and hope you like the cards I have done.


Jessica T said...

WOW!! You have been one busy lady! These are all amazing, I love your use of colour and all those butterflies too! Glad to see you're keeping crafty my friend :)
take care xx

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Hi Rel, GREAT WORK! Love love love the creations and so pleased you put them on your blog for all to see. They are so very worthy of sharing. Really love your blogspot background too, it's super! The butterfly card is delightful, I must go and check out jessica's blog shortly too. It was well worth the wait to see all your latest creations.

Anonymous said...

I need to restock too! Believe it or not, I need to make birthday cards! I have tons of 'thinking of you' and 'thank yous' but not enought Bdays!! All these are great girl!