Friday, May 7, 2010

More cards for my collection and thank you cards.

Hi, have had a rather busy day yesterday, had a friend come around who had never made cards before and she needed to make 6 thank you cards for some folk who had helped her. We had fun going thru some of the cards I had made and the stamp sets used and she picked out about 8 she thought she would copy, choosing her own color cardstock and making a few alterations. Her favourite colors were black, red, gray and white, so had plenty of cardstock and we had the most fun day. By the time she had made three cards, one from the bike set with the flowers popping out from the basket another using the Upsy daisy stampset, then the hydranger from Heartfelt thanks set, she was away laughing. While I got lunch for us and Grant and Brad too, she made three more creations using scraps from my scrap cardbox and wow, she has an incredible natural talent and I just watched in awe at how creative she was. She embossed three in the cuttlebug and one had a wee dove holding an olive branch and she added DSP and flowers and the whole thing ended up amazing and I think she was really pleased with her day and certainly enjoyed it.
We worked furiously to get them all done before she had to leave to be home for her teenagers from school and we didn't get time for photos, but she promised she would take some and forward them on to me and I will put them on the blog as soon as I get them and you will see how clever she was.
The exciting thing is she is hooked like I was 3 yrs ago and went off with the Stampin up catalogue and am sure she is going to purchase A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! so Tracey will be pleased.

I haven't done this weeks Mojo, as again missed the link for last week, I leave it till the last minute and think that Monday will be fine as they are a day behind, but the link had closed, so will try and get it done by Saturday or Sunday, tho tis Mother's Day this weekend, so want to catch up with my Mum. She has asked me to make her some Lemon crunchy muffins, as her gift. They are so moist and delicious. After cooking them, you pour over a syrup made of lemon juice and sugar, making sure the lemon juice does not dissolve the sugar so as you pour over the syrup over the warm muffins after they have cooked,the sugar stays on the top of the muffin and the juice seeps thru the muffin making it really moist and very yummy and ONE is not enough, you want to keep eating!!
My Mum is such a special lady and so so generous. We went shopping last Friday (we try and see eachother every Friday) and she bought me four gorgeous winter outfits from G&J Martins, and I love everyone. I am all set for Winter clothes now except for another pair of trousers that fit as have lost weight and have had to throw out all my size 14's and am in 12s or 10s, and also just have to have some BLACK boots....... so am on the lookout.
Will take a photo of my outfits and then you will see how lovely they are. Feel so lucky.

Well better try and hit the pillow, did head for bed at 11.30p.m.but have had ghastly pain and just couldn't sleep so have been on trade me (which is dangerous) and trying to distract myself from the pain and the medication I take has finally curbed it, so will try again. Hope you are all doing okay and things in your world are rosy. Take care Love Rel xxxx

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Biscuitlid said...

Hey you
thanks for the lovely comment re my cake!

Your friend would need tos ign up to a demo in NZ as we can only sign up demos here in the UK. Now if she moves over here I'd love to have her on my team lol!

Thanks for asking though