Monday, February 15, 2010


Have had a nice peaceful week and have had 12 days out of 14 this month with no pain, can hardly believe my luck, but am, cos is so great and have felt wonderful and like a huge weight has been lifted. Have had fun doing lots of things I normally am unable to do. Enjoyed taking Skipper our dog to the beach for lots of walks and swims - she loves the water and chasing after a stick or ball and faithfully brings it back. We had an awesome day yesterday for Valentine's day and after a lovely day of spoiling eachother watched the movie 'Marley and Me', what a sweet movie, but finished so sadly and I was crying, so much as brought back memories of when our last dog 'Cracker' had to be put to sleep and it was the most awful day and thing to go thru, I was lucky to have my very close friend Barbara with me from Oz, but we were both a mess!! so after the movie (in which we made some homemade popcorn) you can't have a movie with out it.... we stayed up to watch the America's cup yachting race Two, but was delayed till 2a.m., so we mucked around cheering ourselves up till then, only to find that it wasn't on the TV at 2a.m. so we thought it must have been postponed, only to find out in the morning when we woke that it had been raced, but great news ORACLE won, so tis back in the STATES, and now we can get back to the way it should be run.........
Above is my take on this week's Mojo, was quite a challenge as wasn't sure how to get the circle at the bottom, but my DH helped and think it has worked out okay.
Hope you are all okay and thanks for your comments - love to hear from you.
Take care and lots of love Rel xxx


Anonymous said...

Well done on the Mojo sketch Girlfirend!!

Jessica T said...

Great job with the sketch! glad to hear you've been feeling great! and love the new photo on your header and profile :)

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Cool card, LOVE the way you have done the ribbon, very creative!

Your new photos are great, where did you get the lovely Top??