Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi there, got such a shock to see how long it has been since I have blogged but life has been passing by so fast and can't believe it is a new year already.
Happy New Year everyone and thanks for taking the time to browse my blog and love to get your comments, so please feel free to drop me a line.
December just flew past and since our holiday, things have been crazy. Unfortunately Grant broke his foot while helping his brother shift house and when we got back after another week away and it still did not seem to be healing, he has ended up in a below knee plaster for six weeks.... so poor love in this hot summer weather - it is driving him mad. We have been so busy with drs appts and seen as he can't drive, I am taking him back and forward to work three return trips a day!! so that cuts heaps out of the day. But it could be much worse and he is off crutches now and has a boot he can fit on over plaster so is able to walk around in a funny sort of way.
I have not been in my craft room to play since before Christmas when I put a few cards together and made a nice box for them (thanks for my dear friend Jacqui who came over and showed me how to make it) and have made envelopes for them all and sent them for New Year presents to a couple of sister-in-laws and have one more to finish.
But last nite, could not sleep becos of very bad pain, so after thrashing about trying to settle, decided to give up and get card making, so printed all the Mojo Mondays I have missed and have two cards I needed to make - one birthday and the other a wedding card, so here's my version of the Mojo 121. Absolutely love this challenge and found this a neat card to do.


Jessica T said...

Welcome back!!!
Love your colour choices for these cards, and the way you handled the sketch! Great work xx
and hope to see more soon :)

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Welcome back the the land of blogging! Great to see you have found your mojo once again. Cards are lovely and very impressed with your card boxes. Keep up the good work Rel!