Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi, hope everyone is well and to those of you in America, my thoughts were with you on the 11th, and to those who lost someone close or someone they knew, love and prayers go out to you.
Please please may it never happen like that again, it is something the whole world will never forget.
I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but always leave these Mojo Monday sketches till the last day quite often. They are so great and love this one, but seem to take ages to come up with an idea, but once I do, it's all go and no stopping me and it all falls into place.
Like Jessica who is one of my followers, I don't like Mondays as Grant goes back to work and after a lovely weekend together, the house seems so empty and quiet, but have made the most of the beautiful weather and been outside in the garden and it is so great to be able to get out and not be in pain in my back. Still slightly bothering but so much improved. Nothing physio won't fix!!
Our eldest boy Brad came home from OZ on Wednesday nite, where he has been working for 7 weeks, and it's been great to catch up and he's actually been able to have some leave so is busy working in the garage on his big project - the mighty 4wheel drive he is doing up. It has huge tyres so enormous, the vehicle could hardly fit in the door, and he has enjoyed catching up with mates and today has gone off with two, to a farm up at Tongaporutu (north of New Plymouth) for a few days fun, pig and goat hunting. I worry about the guns etc., but have to trust him and realise he is a grown man now and he is very careful. Skipper his dog has gone too, so she will be having the time of her life running free everywhere......
Well think that's all for now. Hope to post again before too long.
Bye for now Love Rel xxx

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Very pretty card - so pretty in pink!