Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great Day

Haven't got a card to post, but that's because I can't sit down to make one!!!!! Fell off the step ladder while painting the top of the bathroom door and have torn my hamstring in my left butt..... so very painful and now having to have physio. Also trapped a nerve around my hip bone and has annoyed the sciatic nerve down my leg, so ouch....... can only stand or lie down and sit for very short periods. But the bathroom was worth it and this will come right soon.
Had a lovely relaxing day with Grant today, visit from a friend in the morning with her daughter who had painted me an awesome picture of a sunset and tree for us and then we spent time with our dog Skip throwing the ball to her over at the school field close by, for three quarters of an hour, by which time she was knackered, we came home just missing the rain and headed out for a coffee and then visited my Mum, now just watching the Box by the fire. Brad called from OZ and all well for him, but he won't be home for perhaps four weeks..... so just US. Tis nice.
Bye for now and hope to post a card as soon as I come right. Love Rel xx


Deb Darby said...

Oh Rel I can imagine that is really painfull.
Take care

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Ouch, poor you! I do hope you heal soon so you can get back into some cardmaking. At least it forces you in taking a break from all the renovating you have been doing, shame you can't enjoy the break though with all that pain... Time heals everything!