Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Bathroom and sorted out comment problems.

So pleased have been in touch with the blog help team and changed a few things on my settings for the comments section and things seem to have come right. So hopefully for anyone who wishes to stop by, you will be able to make a comment now without any trouble.
Life is full of up and downs and my thoughts have been with a friend from choir, her son was the pilot who lost his life tragically last week while flying from Auckland to New Plymouth. It is horrendous for them all, they are a big family, she has 9 children (many of them grown up now),but still four at home. They are all such kind, lovely natured people and we have three of the family in choir, but Sandra, the Mum and I sit by each other and are close, so hit me like a bombshell. They have an incredible faith and I know this will help them get thru this extremely difficult time. When this kind of thing happens it really makes you appreciate what life is about, treasuring those we love and making the most of every day.
I'm not meaning to sound like a philosopher, but it brings things in to perspective.
On a brighter note, we have finally finished our renovations for the bathroom and tis so exciting to see it all done and so beautiful. Grant and Brad and me (a little bit) have done an awesome job on a complete renovation. The whole thing had to be gutted, all the wall boards came off and new aqualine gib went on, new ceiling, and the floor was taken right back to the gorgeous rimu boards and is now vanished. What a huge job but well worth the finish. We have a nice big shower now (can fit two in it), pity it isn't our ensuite!! (that comes soon), and love the new bath, can't wait to try it.
So the pictures around are off the new bathroom, sorry can't find the before ones, but will keep trying to, and put them on at another time and you will see the major difference!

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Jacqui J Creative Today said...

How very beautiful it all looks, next time I visit I'll have to bring my bathing cap LOL (I don't have one really)... It really does look stunning and I love the wooden floor it really sets everything off!