Monday, June 15, 2009

Our new dog "Skipper"

There is much happiness in our family as we have a new 6month old puppy. She is a dog we rescued from the pound and has very strong black lab and staffy features. A beautiful natured dog and already we are finding her so easy to train. She is coming when we call her and sitting on command. Wow only after an hour or two - how lucky is that. When she saw our Bobby cat, she raced over and didn't bark, just investigated and Bob arched his back to let her know who's boss. The other cat is very territorial and unfortunately Skipper invaded her space and for this she got a stripe down her nose..... pooor thing. A yelp and she knows who is boss there too, but otherwise pretty good really. She has a lovely house outside all lined with sponge, carpet, a woollen rug and sheepskin, and away from the wind and rain, so she should be nice and snug for the nite and more to come. Certainly luxury compared to a week in the pound!!!!!!! it was concrete everywhere.....
Here are pictures of our cute two pussies in their favourite baskets.


Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Oh now that is just SO cute! Skipper looks adorable! Cool name by the way... Skipper kinda looks like Chocolate Chip! (Stampin up cardstock! My favourite...) And as for the cats, well they look so very comfy in their little baskets. Very lucky pets living with you in your beautiful home!

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