Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hi, Thought I would get into this blog thing, as my dear friend Jacqui , who already has a lovely blog, can see eachothers cards and keep in touch even more. She kindly told me about the "Mojo Monday" and wow it is fabulous and so helpful. I was struggling to get motivated to make cards except after Michelle's great classes, but now I have found out about Mojo, will there's no stopping me and I have the bug...... made two cards already and think for my first time they are pretty good.
Today had a splash out as Scrapbooking Fever a local shop in town was having a closing down sale with 30% off and 60% off cuttlebug stuff. I bought some cuttlebug dies of mickey mouse, one square frame, one oval frame, winnie the poo, also a big Pirate Ship which is very cool. I also bought an embossing folder with swirls, a few wooden stamps, some ribbon and some very pretty flower brads in two shades of pink. You will see from what I make that it is often pink and with lots of daisies as I am very daisy crazy, so a very apt name for my new blog.
The time is 7.30 and have not long been in from mowing our lawn, sounds nuts but just had to get out in the fresh air, yes it was dark.!..... but had my hubby's headlight on, to give me light.(he is away down in Lyttleton at the moment, so he would have done them otherwise) I am sure the neighbours thought I had gone potty, they sure will now, if they didn't before.......
Am going to relax now and watch some tv and will try out some of my new purchases tomorrow.

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